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Story School

Designed for people looking to change the world through entrepreneurship and innovation, collective action, skills and services. Discover the innate power of story; explore what makes you a natural born storyteller; and develop your storytelling skills – all in less time than it takes to watch your favourite movie.
The school is currently optimised for viewing on a laptop or tablet – mobile experience coming soon!

How to move from Villain to Hero

Stories of rebirth and redemption are something most of us are very familiar with; the most obvious example being...

Time 4 mins

Tactics to ignite brand love

Through the power of design, personality and behaviour, brands move and excite us to feel love and loyalty. But there...

Support, Talent
Time 4 mins

The 12 Archetypes for Climate

Carl Jung developed the 12 Archetypes of human nature, based on characteristics he believed to be universally...

Profile, Support, Talent
Time 6 mins