story accelerator

Strengthening story and skills

Story Accelerator is the proven culmination of a decade helping hundreds of entrepreneurial teams to turn strategy into story and build collective storytelling capacity.

Through coaching we build the story inside-out with your team, revealing the strongest story and building their skills and know-how.

This collaborative approach ensures you’re consistently positioned as the right people, in the right place, at the right time with the right story.

Story Accelerator can be tailored to your specific story needs, from securing funding to creating compelling new marketing campaigns. 

accelerator case stories

Food | Hydrolize

After being awarded £50k by the Water Discovery Challenge, Hydrolize was given a 1-in-10 opportunity to pitch for £450k to fund a groundbreaking pilot with Welsh Water. The competition required a 3 minute video which translated complex science into a story that appealed to a broad panel of judges. Hydrolize won the funding.

Education | Coracle

With an ambition to double the number of secure laptops in UK prisons, Coracle needed to crystalise its story for growth. We worked with its founder to design a single-minded strategy-as-story with digital literacy at its heart. We activated the story as a new brand and website, and coaching helped the team become stronger storytellers. The team secured new contracts with the Ministry of Justice and HMPPS, increasing their footprint from 50 to 90 prisons.

a new paradigm of investment beyond ESG
Legal & finance | The Good Investors

While they pushed the boundaries of how people saw sustainable investment, TGI required true agency to take their audience of family offices and Foundations on a learning journey that ultimately got them to commit to a new concept of systemic investing.

We’re working hard to walk the talk.

We’re proud to be have been awarded The Blueprint and B Corp status in recognition of our work towards creating a better world.