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Dedicated to embedding ED&I into everything we do

building belief and agency

We believe stories:

  1. Shape how we see the world and each other
  2. Are the best way to excite people about new ideas
  3. Are the cornerstones of systems change

That’s why we want to share the power of storytelling with the people driving healthier, fairer and regenerative ways of living. 

Because belief is the most valuable currency to inspire.

meet the team

Story & Community

As a social researcher, nothing interests me more than people – and there’s no way to better understand somebody than through the stories they tell us (and themselves) about the world and their experiences in it. 

Favourite movie

The Platform

Story & Growth

Inspired by stories that influence how we perceive ourselves and the world around us, I’m dedicated to getting our tools and insights into the hands of every innovator that wants to create societal change.

Favourite movie

The Matrix

Story & Relationships

After changing behaviour in health, I now create healthy relationships among the people and partners of Stronger Stories. My planning skills smooth the way for great stories to be told.

Favourite movie

My Neighbour Totoro

Story & Design

I’m captivated by how design transforms tales, allowing anyone to emerge as a hero in someone else’s experience. Through my work I celebrate the vast expanse of imagination and the extraordinary in us all.

Favourite movie

The Never Ending Story

Story & Creativity

With the words of comedian Bill Hicks ringing in my ears, I use creativity to keep stories moving. My campaigns for change include Dove Real Beauty and Meet the Superhumans.

Favourite movie

Brassed Off

Story & Operations

Supporting our talented team and the people we work with is a great privilege. I love designing processes, systems and functions to build the regenerative business to deliver our mission.

Favourite movie

Pulp Fiction

Story & Strategy

The thing that interests me the most is how hard change is, until it isn’t. I love what I do because I get to find new ways to help good people use story to make change happen. Proud lead of our democratisation mission.

Favourite movie

Hidden Figures

Project Manager

As an advocate for the transformative power of connection, I aim to foster relationships that have the potential to change the world. Through stories I’ve lived many lives and want to bring that magic to the everyday.

Favourite movie

Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Project Manager

I believe in the potential of storytelling in achieving social justice. By harnessing the power of storytelling, we can break down barriers, inspire collective empathy, and ignite momentum for meaningful change.

Favourite movie

The Shawshank Redemption

regenerative business

we don't pitch, we reinvest

We’re using would-be wasted pitch time to create something valuable. Lean Story School helps people develop their story skills and know-how for free.

Following the Story Accelerator model, School provides nextgen, early stage start-up Founders with the tools, lessons and case stories to turn their fragile new idea into a compelling story.

We invest a minimum of 50% of our profits and 20% of our time in the platform to make it easier for a greater diversity of people with good ideas to get seen and heard.

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Bring your strategic challenge to us and we’ll use the Lean Story Canvas to diagnose where your story is stuck before creating you a bespoke prescription – from a set of small first steps, to giant leaps – to make and tell a stronger story.

We’re working hard to walk the talk.

We’re proud to be have been awarded The Blueprint and B Corp status in recognition of our work towards creating a better world.