Being unique is better than being perfect

Your organisation’s or movement’s personality is a powerful tool in storytelling.  

  • It can help people, members or employees feel united, especially when you’re all able to speak with one voice which translates the beliefs you all share
  • It can free us from feelings of self-doubt or self-consciousness and make it easier to speak up for our good idea or cause
  • Plus, it’s a super cheap first step to start building a brand 

But, how do you uncover your collective personality? 

It helps to reflect on the values and behaviours that combine in unique ways to give your organisation its unique characteristics. 

So, we recommend this alignment tool as a playful way to start a conversation:

Are you more like Tesla or Octopus Energy?

Or are you more like Shrek or Princess Fiona?

Our tips are:

  • Be honest – you need to be authentic and this will help with your consistency   
  • Be vulnerable – be true to yourselves and don’t be tempted to cover up with bravado  
  • Don’t compromise – you have to be bold to get your good idea heard

Thanks to Leah, one of our team members who shared this before she left. If you’ve not come across it before, the tool is from the game Dungeons and Dragons.


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