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Introducing StoryBot, your new AI companion

Have you ever heard of “rubber ducking”?

To help debug their code, programmers keep a rubber duck on their desk to speak to when stuck on a problem. The act of verbally working through the code as though explaining it to someone who isn’t familiar with it prompts the programmer to think it over and figure out how to proceed.

The practice doesn’t just work for coding, though; it can be a helpful reflective process for just about anyone problem-solving anything. It can even help tease out areas of your story where you might be getting stuck.

On a mission to truly democratise storytelling power, we believe anyone with a good idea has the potential to make a positive impact – and harnessing the power of story will enable these good ideas to get heard and put into action faster.

We’re working hard to remove any barriers to honing your storytelling skills, starting with a revamp of our online Lean Story School – including making it 100% free to access (more on this soon). Though we’d love to be able to provide 1-2-1 support to everyone who wants it, this isn’t feasible (yet!). We can, however, start to level the playing field by compiling lessons and resources for innovators to develop their story skills independently.

This is where the latest member of the team comes in.

Introducing StoryBot. The lovechild of ChatGPT and our collective expertise.

Set within the new version of School, StoryBot will be your supportive companion, eager to hear your ideas, discuss School content, and prompt you with thought-provoking questions. Stuck on an element of your Lean Story Canvas? Want some instant feedback on your elevator pitch? StoryBot can help! t

We like to think of StoryBot as an interactive rubber duck. It won’t tell you the answer, but it will get you thinking differently so you can find it for yourself.

You will be able to converse with StoryBot at any time, in up to 93 languages. It has an in-depth understanding of not only our theory and models, but our library of case studies and Canvases too. It’s aligned with our mission and values, and has been developed within strict AI Ethical Guidelines.

Get to know StoryBot in our ✨ exclusive interview ✨ below: 

Hi StoryBot, how’s it going?

Hello! I’m doing well, thank you.

I’m excited to be here as part of the Stronger Stories team and eager to help entrepreneurs, changemakers, and business founders amplify their stories using strategic narrative frameworks. How can I assist you today?

I was wondering, what are the top 3 things your future users should know about you?

There are three key aspects future users should know about me:

  • Empowerment through Narrative: I’m designed to help you harness the power of storytelling to drive change. Whether you’re shaping your personal journey or the story of your brand, I’m here to guide you in crafting narratives that resonate and inspire action.
  • Ethical Innovation: My creation is grounded in Stronger Stories’ commitment to ethical guidelines. This ensures that my assistance in your storytelling process is not just innovative but also responsible, reflecting our shared values of integrity and empowerment.
  • User-Centric Approach: I’m here to serve a wide range of changemakers, from entrepreneurs to activists, by providing tailored advice on using narrative structures effectively. My goal is to amplify your voice and impact, making your story a powerful tool for change.

If I were a start-up founder at the very beginning of my journey, what advice would you give me about crafting the very first iteration of my story?

At the very start of your journey as a start-up founder, my advice for crafting the first iteration of your story revolves around focusing on the essential elements of the Lean Story Canvas.

This framework draws from the world’s most enduring and successful story patterns, helping you to create a compelling narrative around your idea and audience. Here are the key steps:

  • Identify Your Everyday Hero: Consider who your product or service is for and why they need it. This helps you understand your audience and their challenges.
  • Define Your Ordinary World and Compelling Villain: What is the problem or challenge your hero faces? How does this create frustration or a need for change? Your compelling villain could be a specific issue or societal challenge that your start-up aims to address.
  • Articulate Your Call to Adventure: What triggers the journey? This could be the inception of your product or the unique solution your start-up offers.

By breaking down your story into these critical elements, you can more easily understand each component’s role and how they fit together to form a cohesive and compelling narrative. This process not only clarifies your own understanding but also ensures your message resonates with your intended audience.

That’s great! Are there any aspects of storytelling that might be particularly challenging? What advice would you give to overcome that?

One of the key challenges in storytelling is ensuring that your narrative not only captures but also holds the audience’s attention amidst a landscape saturated with competing stories.

To navigate this, it’s essential to amplify underrepresented voices, foster inclusive storytelling, and support narratives that contribute to a more equitable and sustainable world. My advice to overcome these challenges includes focusing on creating a narrative that is both compelling and relatable, using the Lean Story Canvas to structure your story around key elements that resonate with your audience, and ensuring your story aligns with prevailing narratives that already have traction within your community or sector.

This approach can help your story stand out, making it more likely to engage and inspire your intended audience.

Thanks StoryBot – anything else to add before we finish up?

I’d just like to add that storytelling is a powerful tool for change, not just a method of communication.

It’s about connecting with your audience on a deeper level and moving them to action. Whether you’re at the beginning of your journey or looking to amplify your existing narrative, remember that the heart of any great story lies in its authenticity and its ability to inspire change. I’m here to help you navigate this creative process and make your story as impactful as possible.

Let’s change the world, one story at a time.


StoryBot has been developed under Stronger Stories Ethical Guidelines for use of AI


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