An example of engineering a better world by making the greener product a more desirable choice, while transforming an industry.

Lean Story Canvas
Everyday Hero Everyday Hero

The group or individual to be inspired to do things differently

People who want to drive a desirable and exciting car; but are worried about their environmental impact. The founders wanted to prove that people didn't need to compromise to drive electric, and that EVs can be cleaner, faster, safer and more fun to drive than petrol cars.

Ordinary World Ordinary World

The everyday world which is increasingly frustrating for our hero to live in

The common knowledge that cars powered by internal combustion engines are a major contributor to climate breakdown and poor air quality.

Better World Better World

The positive change to the hero and the difference the hero has made

Owning an exciting car that is accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy. The normal everyday but adjusted for the world we want to see, including a cut in CO2 emissions. Tesla's mission is to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy.

Compelling Villain Compelling Villain

An attention-grabbing manifestation of the selfish behaviour that stands in the way of change

Time. The faster the world stops relying on fossil fuels and moves towards a zero-emission future, the better.

Call to Adventure Call to Adventure

The trigger to change which could be the pull of inspiration or the push of necessity

From believing in Elon Musk and wanting to be part of his vision of a movement of Tesla consumers that ushered in a new dawn for EVs, to owning a high-performance EV for $35k.

Crossing the Threshold Crossing the Threshold

The first step and point of no return

Going to a Tesla showroom and buying a car.

Three Challenges Three Challenges

Three difficult but confidence-building hurdles to be overcome

  1. Seeing Teslas outperform high-end sports cars, then as new models rolled off the production line, outperforming the most popular and successful sedans.
  2. Seeing or sitting in a Tesla – touchscreens, falcon-wing doors and recording studio sound. A redefinition of luxury and driving experience.
  3. Being proud to tell people you own a Tesla, for reasons of environmental impact, technological innovation, luxury, safety, etc.

Allies and Gifts Allies and Gifts

The people and help that is needed for change to happen

Eco and style conscious consumers, initially from the California elite, and communities of Tesla fans.

Mentors and Gifts Mentors and Gifts

Giver of wisdom and support

If anyone could make electric vehicles cool, Elon Musk could. Great marketer as well as great engineer, and his personal investments and ability to fundraise all combined to give the customers the story they wanted about a real-life Tony Stark.


Performance cars without the guilt

Everyday heroes. Everyday heroes.

The combustible world

Ordinary world. Ordinary world.

The clock is ticking

Compelling villain. Compelling villain.

Making Electric cars exciting and cost effective

Call to adventure. Call to adventure.

Car showrooms as cool as an Apple store

Crossing the threshold. Crossing the threshold.

The real life tony stark

Mentor, allies and gifts. Mentor, allies and gifts.

Believing in better

Challenge. Challenge.

Experiencing better

Challenge. Challenge.

Buying into better

Challenge. Challenge.

Performance cars with purpose

Better world. Better world.

Visual Storyboard

Everyday heroes.

Ordinary world.

Compelling villain.

Call to adventure.

Crossing the threshold.

Mentor, allies and gifts.




Better world.

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Story Insight

Story Insight

A story where the heroes – Tesla customers – can be selfish and selfless at the same time; revealing that good stories can have slightly indulgent heroes who care about their reputation, but that’s not inconsistent with doing good and helping us all get ahead.


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