The groundbreaking scientific exposé that revealed the destruction caused by the indiscriminate use of pesticides. A rallying point for 1960s social movements, altering the balance of power between the chemical industry, elected officials and the environmental movement.

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Everyday Hero Everyday Hero

The group or individual to be inspired to do things differently

'Stewards of the living earth.' Actors living within democratic and liberal societies that understand the need to live as though humans are an equal part of the earth’s systems and not master of them.

Ordinary World Ordinary World

The everyday world which is increasingly frustrating for our hero to live in

A new era in which humanity has the power to change the environment on an unprecedented scale. Life has always been an interconnected web of mutual influence, but now humans are in a position to affect that web in new and profound ways.

Better World Better World

The positive change to the hero and the difference the hero has made

As a result of the book, DDT was eventually banned. The public debate shifted the burden of proof from the opponents of unrestrained pesticide use to the manufacturers. The most important legacy of Silent Spring, was a new public awareness that nature was vulnerable to human intervention. For the first time, the need to regulate industry in order to protect the environment became widely accepted, and environmentalism was born.

Compelling Villain Compelling Villain

An attention-grabbing manifestation of the selfish behaviour that stands in the way of change

The book brought a howl of indignation from the chemical industry. "If man were to faithfully follow the teachings of Miss Carson," complained an executive of the American Cyanamid Company, "we would return to the Dark Ages, and the insects and diseases and vermin would once again inherit the earth." Monsanto published and distributed 5,000 copies of a brochure parodying Silent Spring. Some of the attacks were more personal, questioning Carson's integrity and even her sanity.

Call to Adventure Call to Adventure

The trigger to change which could be the pull of inspiration or the push of necessity

The use of DDT becoming available for civilian use. The most powerful pesticide to expose nature's vulnerability. DDT is capable of killing hundreds of different species of insects at once.

Crossing the Threshold Crossing the Threshold

The first step and point of no return

Carson argues that the only prudent way forward is to forego the arrogant pursuit of the ‘easy’ solution and humbly return to the ‘road less traveled’ by letting go of the conceit that nature only exists to serve the interests of humanity.

Three Challenges Three Challenges

Three difficult but confidence-building hurdles to be overcome

  1. Understand that nature is a complex ecological system, developed through checks and balances over thousands and millions of years, which should not be disturbed without proper precautions.
  2. Take responsibility to become educated about the chemicals that have invaded our present and will continue to shape our future. It is arrogant of man to attempt to ‘engineer,’ over the course of a few decades, a better system than nature’s own.
  3. Take action to emulate the strategies of natural systems, pursuing biological, rather than chemical, controls wherever possible

Allies and Gifts Allies and Gifts

The people and help that is needed for change to happen

The strategies of Natural Systems

Mentors and Gifts Mentors and Gifts

Giver of wisdom and support

Rachel Carson. Author of Silent Spring. Anticipating the reaction of the chemical industry, she compiled no fewer than 55 pages of notes and a list of experts who had read and approved the manuscript. Many eminent scientists rose to her defense, and when President John F. Kennedy ordered the President's Science Advisory Committee to examine the issues the book raised, its report thoroughly vindicated both Silent Spring and its author.


Stewards of the earth

Everyday heroes. Everyday heroes.

Unprecedented human impact

Ordinary world. Ordinary world.

The Chemical industry

Compelling villain. Compelling villain.

Stopping The widespread use of ddt

Call to adventure. Call to adventure.

Taking the road less travelled

Crossing the threshold. Crossing the threshold.

Rachel carson

Mentor, allies and gifts. Mentor, allies and gifts.

Appreciate the system

Challenge. Challenge.

Take responsibility

Challenge. Challenge.

Change our ways

Challenge. Challenge.

alism is born

Better world. Better world.

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Everyday heroes.

Ordinary world.

Compelling villain.

Call to adventure.

Crossing the threshold.

Mentor, allies and gifts.




Better world.

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Story Insight

Story Insight

Shows the relationship between a better story, a thousand better stories told by a growing movement, and a striking narrative that man-made chemical pesticides are a dangerous threat to humans and nature. Supported by an emotionally evocative elevator pitch ‘The Silent Spring’ alongside empirical evidence and a clear pathway of change. As the chemical industry fought back, they created a stronger ‘Overcoming the monster’ story, which the heroes capitalised on.


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