Stronger Stories 2023 Impact Report

Read our 2023 Impact Report

We know we need diverse voices and ideas, delivered through story, to create systems change.

In our latest impact report, we divulge the progress we’ve made delivering on our mission; using creative business models, learning experiences and campaigns to build storytelling skills and confidence.

  1. We established an Advisory Board to guide and support us in our mission as we address our predominantly white male leadership.
  2. We earned our B Corp status, providing credibility for potential customers.
  3. We successfully reapplied and were re-awarded The Blueprint mark based upon delivering our commitments.
  4. We ended the year understanding that we need to make more room for the joy we all get from our work – from our relationships and the opportunities for innovation and creativity.
  5. We laid-down plans to improve our impact across customers & community, colleagues & culture and mission & governance in 2024.

"It’s about being a business that does things differently as well as doing things better. We want our work to help create a better story system. That is why HOW we help people tell stronger stories and become stronger storytellers, matters as much as WHO we help."


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We’re working hard to walk the talk.

We’re proud to be have been awarded The Blueprint and B Corp status in recognition of our work towards creating a better world.