The superhero movie phenomenon which wraps issues of wealth distribution and histories of colonialism in militant villainy, utopian settings and blockbuster fun. Considered one of the best films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Everyday Hero Everyday Hero

T’Challa – Son of the King of Wakanda. He's grown up with the pressure of expectation and to be as great as his Father is perceived to be. The Black Panther is a rank of office which grants him superhumanly acute senses, strength, speed, stamina, and reflexes.

Ordinary World Ordinary World

Tribal traditions means that Wakanda, with advanced technologies thanks to unique access to a metal called Vibranium, does not engage with the outside world. Tension is growing, along with the idea that sharing access to Virbanium-tech could help address inequalities around the world.

Better World Better World

After Killmonger is defeated, T’Challa creates outreach programs in Oakland, California and opens up Wakanda to provide Vibranium and technologies to the rest of the world. T'Challa appears before the United Nations to reveal Wakanda's true nature and future path, to the world.

Compelling Villain Compelling Villain

Killmonger (U.S. military black-ops – his savagery while serving gave him this name) is an expert and violent martial artist with peak-level strength and intellect. T’Challa’s estranged cousin. He blames Wakanda for the inequalities he has had to live through in the outside world.

Call to Adventure Call to Adventure

During a meeting at the Vienna International Center, T'Chaka King of Wakanda is killed by an explosion. He dies in T’Challa’s arms as he cannot save him. Prince T'Challa must now become king.

Crossing the Threshold Crossing the Threshold

A duel with M'Baku challenging T'Challa for the title of King of Wakanda. T’Challa won and gave mercy to M’Baku, rather than killing him, breaking with tradition. T’Challa is now King and Black Panther.

Three Challenges Three Challenges

Three difficult but confidence-building hurdles to be overcome

  1. After a wild goose-chase for a stolen Wakandan artefact, T'Challa loses: faced with his council; the ability to bring his father's killer, Klaue, to justice and; his crown. Facing these losses, he forges a new team and plan.
  2. Learning and accepting new truths about the past, and without his superpowers, T'Challa takes his first steps towards a new future. Symbolically, he uses hidden Wakandan tech to save an ally from outside world, Agent Ross.
  3. Killmonger and T’Challa fight for the throne and the power to use Wakandan technology to either fight against or work with the outside world. T’Challa's rebirth as King and Black Panther is completed by the empathy and forgiveness shown to his defeated cousin, Killmonger.

Allies and Gifts Allies and Gifts

Nakia (Tribe Leader), Okoye (Head of the Army), Shuri (Sister and gadget whizz-kid who provides him with technologically advanced gifts).

Mentors and Gifts Mentors and Gifts

T'Chaka and Zuri - the King and his advisor - who eventually reveal a secret that allows T'Challa to see the past in a new light and break free from tradition to create his own path forward.


T’Challa, the Prince, in his father's shadow

Everyday heroes. Everyday heroes.

Tribal Traditions

Ordinary world. Ordinary world.

Addressing injustices with violence

Compelling villain. Compelling villain.

The king is dead, LONG LIVE THE KING

Call to adventure. Call to adventure.


Crossing the threshold. Crossing the threshold.

Wonder Women with new tech, and Old men with old Stories

Mentor, allies and gifts. Mentor, allies and gifts.

Get Your Klaues OFF

Challenge. Challenge.

Saving Agent Ross

Challenge. Challenge.

The Battle of Two Halves

Challenge. Challenge.

A New Dawn For Wakanda

Better world. Better world.

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Everyday heroes.

Ordinary world.

Compelling villain.

Call to adventure.

Crossing the threshold.

Mentor, allies and gifts.




Better world.

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Story Insight

Story Insight

Black Panther is a story of reinvention, where new generations learn from previous mistakes, and adapt their present and future story to redeem the past. For this journey of self-discovery to work, we need to know T’Challa’s origin story. The storytelling is also showing a fine line between the hero and the villain, and a choice between two different paths.


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