The strongest stories are built from the inside-out. They bring to life a team’s vision in their own words. And they capture a shared purpose by the actions the team takes. Each of our workshops are designed to help you work together to find, elevate and celebrate your best story. But most of all, ground in it reality and truth.

Change is hard. Our workshops make it easier to find the story that people will get behind to make change happen. Stories that turn ideas, strategy and campaigns into action.

All of our workshops use the Stronger Story Canvas and will help you become better storytellers. That’s where the similarity ends. We’ll share the story tools, tactics and case stories that work for your journey and you can let us know your favourite films for illustrative inspiration!


The workshop sparked so many new ideas. We all felt it was extremely useful in helping us think strategically about how we engage new partners. Altruism in action.

Police Spies Out of Lives

The storytelling approach energised our organisation and gave us a new way to explore the challenges and opportunities that the growth of social prescribing presents.

Greater London Authority

The team helped us gain a deeper understanding of how we can use storytelling to fine tune our strategy across the whole of our charity's work.

Environmental Funders Network

The workshop made me think about organisations and storytelling in a completely different way.

Environmental Funders Network