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  • Storymaking 1 - Patterns

    4 Lessons

    time to complete 30 mins

    Create a stronger story for your good idea using the worlds most successful story pattern.

  • Storymaking 2 - Mindsets

    2 Lessons

    time to complete 25 mins

    Turn your story into a 'better' story that shifts mindsets and makes change happen.

  • Storymaking 3 - Techniques

    8 Lessons

    time to complete 18 mins

    Add the perfect final flourish to your story with our collection of recommended techniques.

  • Storytelling 1 - Assets

    8 Lessons

    time to complete 15 mins

    Apply your story into practical storytelling assets to build profile, win support and attract talent.

  • Storytelling 2 - Narratives

    2 Lessons

    time to complete 15 mins

    Harness the power of narrative to grow your audience and boost the adoption of your good idea.

  • Storytelling 3 - Change

    2 Lessons

    time to complete 10 mins

    Explore how network science and tipping points are crucial to letting your story go.

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