• Create Heroes.

    Our world needs stories of everyday heroes more than ever. By sharing their stories we help inspire people to do things differently.

  • Work With Purpose.

    We help good ideas grow faster. If you have to ask whether it’s a good idea, it’s probably not.

  • Find The Truth.

    True stories are grounded in facts, built on authenticity and told in ways that mean most to us as humans. We can’t avoid bias but we can be honest.

  • Nothing About Them Without Them.

    We help people tell their own story but don’t put words in their mouth.

  • Question The System.

    The story system is white, patriarchal and run by the 1%. Most other systems are broken too. We expect to be breaking the rules or making new ones.

  • Gather String.

    We are good at connecting dots in new ways. Serendipity is a skill that can be learned and a talent that can be honed.

  • Love Your Craft.

    Good communication can make a difference. Not all marketers are evil.

  • Respect Life's Work.

    Be kind.

  • Make It Beautiful.

    We are instinctively attracted to beautiful things so it’s worth the extra effort.

  • Earn It Backwards.

    It’s ok not to be an expert in cellular agriculture or transgender rights. We help by bringing our comms expertise and story know-how.

  • Pay it Forwards.

    A lot of people don’t get heard or are ignored so we find ways to share the storytelling power with them.

  • Don't Be A Dick.

    We’re human and trying new things, so we will make mistakes. We’ll try not to be dicks though, to ourselves or others.