We Get

We love to ask questions of each other, to be challenged and to learn about new ways of doing things, so please get in touch

What’s your goal?

Our goal is to help good ideas get heard and to find new ways for storytelling power to be shared more fairly.

What is a good idea?

We help ideas that make a positive change for both people and planet. We use the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals as guidance and inspiration.

Why do good ideas need a stronger story?

In 2017, over US$1 trillion was spent on professional marketing services for the first time. Most of that money was used to promote ideas that we know are bad for our wallets, wellbeing and the planet. The dominance of those destructive narratives means that it is harder for alternative ideas to get the attention they deserve. It also means that many people and their ideas are ignored all together.

How do you help good ideas?

At launch, we are doing four things to help people create a stronger story for their ideas:

• Bring together the best free resources

• Run events to help people develop their skills

• Connect people with ideas and storytelling talent in new and affordable ways

• Help organisations create new narratives about change.

Who is a storyteller?

Our movement was started by some restless souls in the marketing industry but it’s open to anyone; actors, improvisers, artists, documentary makers, founders, funders, systems thinkers, teachers, parents, community leaders, journalists, politicians, activists, reformers, protestors, campaigners, champions, boomers, millennials and perhaps most of all, people who don’t feel they are being listened to.

How can I get involved?

You can:
• Sign up to our newsletter
• Let people know about us on social
• Share a free resource
• Sign up to the next talent-matching pilot
• Buy a workshop and give a workshop
• Come to a live storytelling event
• Run a live storytelling event
• Start a Stronger Stories chapter in your city
• Invite us to join your community or speak at your event
• Get in touch with an idea
• Get in touch with a brief

Who are you?

The cofounders of the movement are Guy Pattison, Will Hill and Leah Dennison. We worked together as Long Run Works, an award winning ethical comms agency and knew we could have a bigger impact if we stopped playing by the rules of the marketing industry game and started to help fix a broken story system. We’re huge optimists and believe there are an abundance of good ideas, innovations and solutions to the world’s problems. We just want to help more of them get heard, so they can win the support they need faster.

How are you funded?

At launch, we are funded by 100% of the profits of Stronger Stories Studios Ltd. We are developing a paid-for matching platform that will give good ideas affordable access to storytelling talent. We are also developing a membership model. All income will go into growing the movement to help good ideas get heard.

How do you measure your impact?

We are measuring whether and how people become stronger storytellers. We are also tracking the number of ideas that are supported and the number of storytelling hours volunteered towards helping the UN's 2030 sustainable development goals.

What is Stronger Stories Studios?

Stronger Stories Studios used to be Long Run Works. It is a limited company that provides income and resources to fund the Stronger Stories movement.