We’re a social enterprise on a mission to share storytelling power.

The back story

After spending the first decade of this century working together in agencies for the usual big brands, Guy and Will woke up to climate breakdown. And in 2010, Guy took a purpose-turn and began to help the CEO-Founders of clean technology companies.

The biggest challenge facing these engineers and scientists was to make people care about their vision of the future – and the biggest challenge Guy faced was proving that storytelling was their most valuable tool. The solution – the Lean Story Canvas – was born in the Lyric pub, Soho during a reunion with a script-writing Will. Shortly after, the duo were back in business together.

But business quickly became business-as-usual. An award for Very Small Ethical Marketing Agency of the Year led to a bout of professional dissatisfaction and a lot of post-it notes about new directions. What they realised is that the thing that made them happier than anything else was sharing storytelling skills, with love.

Since then, they’ve been joined by super-talented teammates who bring new energy, ideas and, of course, their own stories.

Together we have helped create:

1,264Good ideas with
Stronger Stories

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Join Us

We recognise that our team could be more diverse. If you have a passion for driving change through the power of story and would like to join us, feel free to get in touch or keep an eye out for openings in our newsletter.


Story & Community

Leah finds her purpose in connecting good people doing good things. She works with our community to find inspiring ways and safe spaces for stories to be shared and heard. Leah is our co-founder.


Story & Insights

Rosie delves into the stories behind the people and ideas that are solving some of society’s biggest challenges. Her sharp analytical and diagnostic skills help stories unlock and fulfil their potential.


Story & Content

Emman is a whole-brain creative. A spoken word artist with an Engineering degree, he knows how to translate science into content that engages our communities to reveal storytelling power.


Story & Scaleups

Holly has over a decade’s experience in innovation, and knows first-hand the power of story to help startups succeed. She helps Clean Growth entrepreneurs get their good ideas heard.


Story & Learning

Tom is a passionate advocate for creating learning experiences that drive change and have impact. His energy is firmly focused on building the storytelling skills and confidence of our learners.


Story & Relationships

After changing behaviour in health, Helen now creates healthy relationships among the people and partners of Stronger Stories. Her skills smooth the way for great stories to be told.


Story & Strategy

Armed with our story canvas, Guy helps our partners & communities use story as strategy, including a decade growing good ideas with the UK’s innovation agency. Guy is our co-founder and CEO.


Story & Creativity

With the words of comedian Bill Hicks ringing in his ears, Will uses creativity to keep stories moving. His campaigns for change include Dove Real Beauty and Meet the Superhumans. Will is our co-founder.


Story & Platforms

His mum taught him that ‘there’s no such word as can’t’. Neil is now on a mission to help purposeful businesses have an impact, by guiding them on how to build the most powerful platforms for change.


Story & Strategy

A professional scriptwriter and previously Head of Philanthropy at ClientEarth, Philippa knows how to put story at the heart of development and use it to engage people about change.


Story & New Power

A psychologist and systems designer, Ben is helping create our open structure and governance. He nurtures networks and partnerships that can create the most impactful levers for change.


Story & Design

Meg’s storytelling approach to design helps keep our own, and other people’s stories moving. She evolved our brand and works with us to build visual design and illustration into story.


Story & Ux

Having worked with both fledging non-profits and government services, Al’s experience guides us through the digital and Ux design we need to tell a stronger story and help good ideas get heard.


Create Heroes. 

Our world needs stories of everyday heroes more than ever. By sharing their stories we help inspire people to do things differently.

Work With Purpose. 

We help good ideas grow faster. If you have to ask whether it’s a good idea, it’s probably not.

Find The Truth. 

True stories are grounded in facts, built on authenticity and told in ways that mean most to us as humans. We can’t avoid bias, but we can be honest.

Nothing About Them Without Them. 

We help people tell their own story but we don’t put words in their mouth.

Question The System. 

The story system is white, patriarchal and run by the 1%. Most other systems are broken too. We expect to be breaking the rules or making new ones.

Gather String. 

We are good at connecting dots in new ways. Serendipity is a skill that can be learned and a talent that can be honed.

Love Your Craft. 

Good communication can make a difference. Not all marketers are evil.

Respect Life's Work. 

Be kind.

Make It Beautiful. 

We are instinctively attracted to beautiful things so it’s worth the extra effort.

Earn It Backwards. 

It’s ok not to be an expert in cellular agriculture or systems thinking. We help by bringing our comms expertise and story know-how.

Pay it Forwards. 

A lot of people don’t get heard or are ignored so we find ways to share storytelling power with them.

Don't Be A Dick. 

We’re human and trying new things, so we will make mistakes. We’ll try not to be dicks though, to ourselves or to others.


Stronger Stories' New Power Manifesto


Stronger Stories is dedicated to democratising storytelling and finding new ways for storytelling power to change the world for the better.

In publishing this manifesto we are committing ourselves to realise this at scale so that everyone – and we mean everyone – can use story to change the world for the better. We plan to do this by making all our tools and resources open and freely accessible to all those with a good idea and who want to do good in the world.

Our hope is that, through experiencing the power that stories hold, people will become story champions, moving from storytellers to mentors – helping others use story as a force for good. This manifesto explains how we will do this.

What we do

Stronger Stories helps people:

  • Tell stronger stories
  • Become stronger storytellers, and
  • Together build a stronger story system.
Telling stronger stories

We’ve developed and will continue to develop tools and resources that help anyone with an idea tell powerful stories and bring it to life.

We’ve made all these publically available under a creative commons license. You can use these however you like, for free, forever.

The tools we use are the heart of what we do. They are our most precious assets. We ask that you treat them well, specifically that you only use them to do good in the world, and that you tell us about any improvements you make so that everyone can benefit.

Becoming stronger storytellers

We run workshops, give talks and support organisations so that people can make the most of our tools and resources. Since COVID-19, we have digitised all our courses, workshops and resources so you can still access them virtually.

If you want support to implement any of these formats you can join the Stronger Stories community or you can work with us directly.

We’ll encourage, support and train anyone who wants to use these formats. And again, we only ask that you use this to do good in the world and that you tell us about any improvements you make.

Building a stronger story system

We have a lot we can learn from each other. Our community is made up of people across many different spaces, networks, sectors and industries, who use story to do good so that together we can support each other and build a stronger story system to change the world for the better.

By enabling as many people as possible to meet, share ideas and learn from each other, we maximise the potential to spread storytelling power.

Key to realising this is the concept of self-generation. Our ambition is that the tools and resources we develop are so compelling that people cannot help but use them, master them, improve them and then pass them on to other people to do the same.

It is through this mechanism that we will be able to realise our aim of enabling everyone in the world to use story as a force for good.

How Stronger Stories is funded

In 2019, for the first time, a trillion dollars was spent on marketing services, 80%+ by big business, with nine global marketing groups, promoting ideas we know are bad for our health, community health and the health of our planet.

Currently, you need money and know-how to be heard. So while there’s an abundance of good ideas that can have a positive impact on the world, they don’t get the attention they deserve. Many voices are ignored altogether, simply because they don’t have the money and the skills they need in today’s industrialised ‘story system’.

We never want money to get in the way of people using story to change the world for the better. And we never want it to restrict this being realised at scale.

We are on a journey to figure out how to get Stronger Stories the resources it needs to realise our vision. Our model is still evolving but right now it looks like this:

  • You are welcome to use all our open tools in our Story School free of charge. That includes our Canvas, Courses, Webinars, Resources and Community.
  • If you work directly with us we’ll charge you for our time. If you are a big for-profit organisation we’ll charge you more than if you are a small not-for-profit organisation.
  • We are a social enterprise, which means the majority of our profits will always be reinvested so that we can work with people who don’t have enough cash to pay for our services.

Regardless of how our business model evolves, we will remain committed to keeping our tools and resources open and freely available to everyone, forever.

The story system is broken because storytelling power is held by the 1%. We want to change this so that everyone has the storytelling power they need to do good in the world.

Client Disclosure

In 2019, Extinction Rebellion called upon creative agencies to “declare a climate and ecological emergency and act accordingly.” In response to this, we signed an open letter committing to disclosing our climate conflicts.

Why are we committed to the Creative Climate Disclosure?

Global marketing spend has reached $1 trillion annually, but only a fraction is helping to promote good ideas that tackle the big problems we face as organisations, as societies and as a species. The rest is selling us shit we don’t need.

We don’t just innovate in storytelling, but around our own business model. We currently use a buy one, give one model for our story consultancy, so we can democratise the power of storytelling to make change happen faster, together.

Report Summary 2019

We constantly consider our impact on climate breakdown through the work we do, but also in the way we act. We have been carbon neutral since the launch of Stronger Stories.

We are committed to only working with clients who contribute to the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. We carefully consider the organisations we work with by filtering them through three questions.

  • Do they work within the 7 culture change areas we believe are needed to deliver on the UN Sustainable Development Goals?
  • Could they have a potential impact at a systems change level?
  • By living our values can we give this person the belief that they can make a difference in the race to shape a better world?

This year 0.9% of our revenue came from controversial sectors and 8.7% of our revenue came from climate conflicts. The work with these clients:

  • shifted their thinking around global citizenship to three pillars of People, Planet and Prosperity and they’re now looking at making major, public sustainability commitments in 2020.
  • shifted their business model towards being a digital open-access publisher, decreasing the amount of paper used for journals, and increasing the pace of research into climate breakdown and potential solutions.
  • initiated a new retail concept with a more sustainable menu and plastic-free supply chain.

Faced with a climate and ecological emergency, we need good ideas to spread faster than ever before. Good ideas require stronger stories, so we can imagine better alternatives and new futures. So far, we have given 1,264 good ideas a stronger story and created 3,362 purposeful story activists.


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